Cable, Telecom & ISP

Polis works with the best companies in cable, telecommunications & ISP to optimize these businesses’ sales using the best data, software and analysis.

Target Your Customers Individually With Personalized Messages

  • Overlay Polis’ comprehensive data file (1,000+ variables on each household in the United States) on your internal customer list to understand who is buying from you and why.
  • Use Polis’ demographic, lifestyle and behavioral data to do lookalike modeling to determine who you should sell to next.
  • Know if future customers are sports fans, if they geek out about the latest technology, if they’re running a home business, etc. Then, use that information in your sales scripts.
  • Customize a package of tv, internet, phone and home security to fit customers’ needs before you even talk to them!

Equip Your Sales Team With Tools Built Specifically for Cable/Telco/ISP

  • As you roll out fiber, line-of-sight, wireless or any new service areas, Polis will help your sales people precisely target customers at the geographic, street and individual levels.
  • Customize the branching of sales scripts to take advantage of your sales reps being onsite and seeing the homes for up-sell opportunities.
  • Collect relevant data in an organized fashion through the app to better understand how many rooms with TVs they have, how many devices they have that require internet, and their primary motivation to buy.
  • Plug into our APIs to complete the flow of data into your CRM, TPV providers, billing and any other systems.

Build Insights Relevant to You

  • Polis has team members and advisors that understand the specifics of cable, telecommunications and ISP. We can help you identify insights that will lead to growth.
  • Do electric car owners have a greater predilection to purchase high speed internet services? Should you market DVR service more aggressively to people with children who play sports?
  • Stay ahead of the competition by using Polis’ data analysis to fine tune your sales and marketing.

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