Polis helps the top companies in energy navigate a mature yet rapidly changing industry using software, data and analytics to optimize customer acquisition and retention.

Selling More Than Just a Contract Means You Need to Target Customers Individually

  • Community solar, batteries, electric vehicles, and smart home are among a variety of factors which have made energy sales more sophisticated but also more lucrative.
  • Overlay Polis’ comprehensive data file (1,000+ variables on each household in the United States) on your internal customer list to understand which offers resonate with each group.
  • Use Polis’ demographic, lifestyle and behavioral data to do lookalike modeling to expand the universe of potential customers.

Energy Sales Teams Need Tools Built Specifically for Their Industry

  • Divide up your territory between your sales reps, manage their territory schedule and knock doors multiple times to make sure that you have adequate market penetration. Use leaderboards to generate competition between your salespeople.
  • Track doors knocked per hour, sales per day, distance from the residence, and many other statistics to make sure that your sales team is generating quality customer acquisitions and prevent fraud.
  • Plug into our APIs to complete the flow of data into your CRM, on-boarding applications, Compliance and TPV providers, billing and any other systems.

Insights Help You Stay Ahead of the Competition

  • Polis has team members and advisors that understand the specifics of the energy industry. We can help you identify insights that will lead to growth.
  • Is renewable energy purchased more by people worried about climate change or high-end smart home owners? Is the combination of the two the sweet spot?
  • Stay ahead of the latest trends to create new packages you can offer customers. Run tests on promotions and up-sell opportunities to zero in on what works best.

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