Polis Data

Comprehensive National Data File

Our National Data File contains data on 97% of all American households. 1,000+ variables on each person derived from polling, consumer information, online profiles and in-person interactions. Take advantage of our revolutionary door to door insights through big data, including:

  • Demographics
  • Values
  • Emotional Sentiments
  • Opinions
  • Lifestyle
  • Behavior

Our National Data File includes information on 197M Americans. That’s 97% of the US!

Industry Leading Big Data

We ensure unparalleled data quality and accuracy, leading to true customer insights.

  • Polis Data is frequently updated from multiple sources to ensure consistency and relevance
  • Polis Data files include emails and phone numbers to ensure you can connect with your leads as personally as possible
  • We employ thousands of door knockers out in the field to confirm data accuracy every single day

Security is paramount

We employ top of the line data security practices to ensure your information is protected

  • We use https or SSL
  • Polis Data is stored on AWS which is compliant with ISO 27001
  • Our technical infrastructure is hosted within SOC 2 accredited data centers with 24 x 7 monitoring

The best customers look like your current customers. Polis gives you specifics on your potential customers, derived from respectful, data-driven psychology-based conversations.

  • Sally Sanderson
    2 Oak st, 32, Single, Democrat, Female

    Zip: 94209
    Credit: 695
    Income: $85,000
    Home Value: $215,000
    Occupation: Software Developer

    Personality: Optimistic, proud, tech-savvy,
    Interests: Gardener, car enthusiast, loves football
    Values: Health-care for all, free-speech, environmentalist

  • Elliot Eberhardt
    8 Main st, 43, Married, Republican, Male

    Zip: 83254
    Credit: 673
    Income: $110,000
    Home Value: $362,000
    Occupation: College Professor

    Personality: Excited about the future, caring, parental
    Interests: Child-centric, enjoys cooking, baseball
    Values: Privacy, free-speech, church-goer

  • Maria Martinez
    5 Park st, 26, Single, Democrat, Female

    Zip: 10048
    Credit: 693
    Income: $60,000
    Home Value: Likely rents
    Occupation: Entrepreneur

    Personality: Opinionated, extrovert, feminist
    Interests: Photography, exercise, traveling
    Values: Pay equality, Trump (angry), racial equality

We Respect Privacy

Polis is a new, better way to collect and curate fine-grained data on individuals. We gain consent to use data from in-person conversations, and we respect people’s privacy and desires in terms of outreach from companies. Polis treats people like people, and therefore we respect their security and privacy.

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