Area Sales Manager - Fiber Internet

Sales – Kansas City, MO, US
When you join Polis, you’ll have an opportunity to be a leader and shape an incredible organization. We are looking for candidates who have a strong sense of ambition, self-motivation and self-discipline who have the desire to develop and manage sales teams, as well as serve as the highest point of contact for partner account, reporting directly to Vice President of Sales.


Polis is one of the fastest growing sales and technology organizations in the nation. We provide some of the largest and most recognizable brands in North America with the data and software they need to grow. We partner with different companies across the nation promoting internet service for the leading fiber internet provider in Kansas City. The term ‘Polis’ means citizenship in Ancient Greek, and that’s our core value; we help neighbors better connect with neighbors because we believe in the value of in-person communication. 


·     Confident, natural leaders
·     At least one year experience leading successful sales teams
·     At least one year experience proven door-to-door outreach success


·       At least 1+ years experience managing and overseeing multiple sales teams + sales managers
·       At least 3+ years proven outside sales experience
·       Responsible for the overall performance of sales teams  
·       Operational ownership of account, reporting directly to VP of sales


·      $80,000 base salary + team performance overrides + bonus structure
·      Competitive compensation program which includes incentive for rep’s performance
·      Fully paid training program
·      Unlimited earning potential - on-target annual compensation of $120,000- $150,000
·      Flexible work schedule 
·      Benefits eligible 

If you like what you've read here, please submit a resume and we'll reach out! Not sure if this is a fit for you? Feel free to contact us directly! 

Jacqueline (816) 336-9811
Daniel (816) 237-0502

*Candidates must be willing to submit to a criminal history check. Polis, an equal opportunity employer, does not consider any protected traits (e.g. race, creed, color, religion, gender, national origin, non-job-related disability, age, or any other protected trait) when hiring under federal, state and local laws. Polis is a proud promoter of employment opportunities to our Military and Veterans.

*Expected earnings based on individual performance, individual earnings will vary.