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Improve your sales insights with Polis. We’ve collected and analyzed 1,000+ data points from over 97% of households in America. We know your target list better than they know themselves.

Meaningful data from in-person interactions

10M doors knocked
120M household records (that's 97% of Americans!)

1,000+ Data points

We collect information through face-to-face interactions, which makes our National Data File stronger and more reliable when connecting with your customers.

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Political Affiliation
  • Income
  • & many more...

The Polis Effect

Polis drives adoption and customer loyalty by generating insights about where to target and focus your message. Partner with us to access our incredibly powerful National Data File and strategically segment your sales efforts. Polis leads the right people, to the right product, at the right time.


Polis App

Reduce your walk time, automatically create walk lists and become 10x more successful at every door with the Polis app. Bring your door-to-door sales efforts to the next level with our in-depth data, representative tracking, sales scripting and much more.

Polis Data

Combine Polis data with your existing customer insights to pinpoint your sales efforts. With comprehensive data from over 120 million household records, including up to 1,000+ data points, Polis Data is here to connect you with your ideal customers.

Polis IQ

Reduce churn, learn more about your customers and improve your sales strategy with Polis IQ. Through machine learning, Polis IQ analyzes data and produces target lists based on your best customers, saving you time and helping you identify churn risks.

Face-to-face focus



The term ‘Polis’ means citizenship in Ancient Greek, and that’s our core value; we help neighbors better connect with neighbors because we believe in the value of in-person communication. Polis builds partnerships with companies because we believe partnership leads to success.

Over the next five years, we plan to get to know the 300 million Americans we haven’t yet had the chance to meet.

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